Simtek Sensor II 2nd-Generation Development Updates

We're excited to share updates on the development of the Simtek Sensor II, 2nd-Generation. 

This is a new product we've been developing for the last year. We started building this product because we saw several features that were missing in the first generation, and we also saw the need to bring 4G to all of you. 

While the path to engineering the product has not been easy, we are nearing the finish line on some of the final engineering. It has taken longer than expected for several reasons: supply chain delays meant we had to wait a full 6 months just to access the cellular modems of choice; we started developing the product probably too late;  and we ran into unforseen challenges with some of the newer features we developed. 

There are a lot of updates that need to happen when going from a 1st-generation product to a 2nd-generation product. All of the changes are on the hardware and internals. We have new chips and sensors, and more features to make your Simtek Sensor as reliable and high performance as the first gen. We thank you all for your continued support. The thing we care about most here at Simtek is engineering, and we have a very high bar to getting this right. 


Pictured: Brady (CEO) and Eric (Android Engineering) reviewing 2nd-gen hardware

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