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Sales Recommendations 

1. Recommend the StealthALERT with every sale!

Our highest performing retailers recommend StealthALERT with every sale. It is a numbers game! The more conversations you start, the more opportunities to talk.

2. Add To Website

Use the below media to add the StealthALERT to your website (if you have one).


3. Use Safe Topper Flyer (8.5" x 11") 

Download and print the flyer. Use flyer on top of your safes to start conversations. Place in clear plastic display holders. 


4. Use provided displays (*Email us to have these shipped to you if you don't have one/both).

 Counter Top



5. Bundle w/ Bolt Down as the 'Ultimate Security Package'

The ultimate safe security package includes delivery, installation, bolt down and the StealthALERT sensor. The safe won't be moving and won't be messed with (and if it does, you'll know about it). 

6. Attend our Dealer-Training Calls 

Once per month we 

A Few Common Questions (Updated Regularly) 

        • Alerts are available globally? Meaning if you are out of the USA and something is going on with the StealthAlert inside your safe, you’ll still receive alerts via your phone? Answer: Correct. You can be anywhere in the world, and still receive alerts as long as your phone has internet. That being said, you can additionally take the StealthALERT anywhere in the world too, and monitor your property in most countries. See country list for full list.
        • Does the StealthAlert send an alert if the device is in a fire or drastic temperature change in general? Answer:  It does not alarm on temperature changes, but temperature and humidity is logged in the app with each alert. So you cannot set a threshold of "send me an alert when the safe reaches 150F". However, if there is a fire, infrared heat will trigger an alert and you would see a high temperature reading. Additionally, if someone uses an angle grinder, hot drill bit, or torch, you will be notified from the infrared motion. Watch this video to see it alarming on sparks.
        • Can you buy one unit and add extra sensors? How does it work for multiple sensors? Answer: The customer can purchase multiple sensors and set up each one. Each StealthALERT sensor requires an individual data plan, but they can all be added to the same phone, allowing one person to monitor multiple assets and locations. 
        • Who does the customer contact if they have a question? Answer: Customers contact Simtek for any issues or questions. Use help@simtek.io