has your back.

Monitor where it matters.
Reliable Alerts For Worry-Free Monitoring.



Stay one step ahead of curious kids and nosy family members with timely alerts for your safe or off-limits areas. Always be on high alert. Upgrade your existing setup, but not a replacement for safe storage.

unauthorized access

Don't let thieves target your firearms. Get micro-level surveillance with Simtek and immediate notifications when tampered with. 1 gun is stolen every 90 seconds. Simtek sensors are designed to work inside your safe, and have built in features and added accessories to ensure reliable performance.

extra layer of security

Upgrade your safe or weapons storage today with Simtek for improved safety and security. Immediate peace of mind. Use Simtek as an extra layer of security. Place it in the safe, or near where the safe is located to stay a step ahead.

Ammmunition. Firearms. Incidentals.

Gain total awareness for all your ammunition and firearms storage locations with Simtek. Deploy a sensor in each spot - in the house, outside, or anywhere - to easily understand access.
Protect your family by educating everyone about safe gun storage - thousands of children die from gun accidents every year. With over 75% of young children knowing where their parents keep their firearms, it's important to take proper precautions. More than 80% of guns used in youth suicide attempts were found in the victim's, a relative's, or a friend's home. Simtek provides added security and peace of mind - monitor your safe or weapons 24/7, whether unlocked and available or locked and potentially vulnerable. Don't leave anything to chance - even the most secure safes can be penetrated and kids can find a way in.

Unmatched versatility.
Monitor anywhere without power and wifi.

Off-Limits Areas.

Mount Simtek on a door or discreetly hide to monitor and protect the things you care about. Simtek can't be easily defeated thanks to high tech failure mechanisms, cellular connectivity and it's own battery power.

Alerts For Your Safe.

Compact and versatile to fit in almost any safe. Get alerts within 20 seconds if someone tampers with or opens your safe.

Outside the safe.

Get alerts when the general vicinity is breached, and stay a step ahead by strategically placing your sensor in the path towards your valuables.
Jon E.

"I was an early adopter of the Simtek Sensor, and have been thoroughly pleased with it. I use it in a closet, and every time the closet door is opened, I get a text alert. This is super helpful with kids around. Customer service is great, too. There was an error on my unit, and the Simtek team was actively monitoring it and contacted me and helped resolve it."

Christopher Spitler

"I've been working for over a year trying to get a reliable, cost-effective monitor for my safe. Everything I tried had been super flaky or simply didn't work until I got the SIMTEK. Given I travel often and for long periods of time, the SIMTEK has finally provided me piece of mind for everything that I have in my safe. Setup was simple: download an app and scan an QR code, that's it. The device sent me an SMS to 'alert' for the first time, then I put it in the safe and forgot about it. I quickly remembered about it when I got a notification while at work as the safe was opened. I sent a TXT to my wife to find out that she opened it to get some cash. Win! Overall, extremely pleased that I finally have a reliable, simple, cost-effective device to let me know what's going on with my safe."

Real-Time Alerts. Location Tracking. 1 YR Battery.
Global and Wireless. Encrypted and Secure.