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Mounting Your Antenna For Optimal Performance

Achieve the best signal for your Simtek sensor by focusing on antenna placement. Even a few inches can make a difference negatively or positively to signal strength. 

  1. Place your antenna near the gap seam, door, hinge -- or anywhere that might have a small gap with your sensor inside. 
  2. Ensure the long antenna piece (at the end of the magnetic base) is parallel to a seam or hinge and "runs along it". This way, the antenna has the best chance to get signal from outside the safe and transmit. 
  3. If you had x-ray vision, you would see the antenna along a seam or gap running along inside the safe. It doesn't matter which seam or gap you choose -- just ensure the antenna runs parallel as close as possible to it!
  4. Always test the sensor in your safe a few times! Generally, if you can receive alerts consistently for a couple tries, it will always work in that position. 
  5. Antenna position is very important. Even a few inches left, right, up or down can make a big difference in signal quality -- improving the signal or decreasing it. 
  6. When in doubt -- test getting triggers in different positions. 

Important notes: 

  • 'Weak' signal is perfectly OK! -- As long as you receive the alerts consistently. It was designed for weak signal. If you get weak signal and the alerts are not consistent or take way longer than 30s, you have a problem and need to adjust the antenna. 
  • If you're going to string it outside the door, purchase the $10 braided metal cable extension. It can withstand the safe door being closed on it and is over 5ft long.


  • If you have a hole, use it! String the antenna out of the back of your safe -- through humidifier holes, unused mounting holes or simply drill a small 5mm one. 
  • Use the 5 foot long braided metal antenna extension cable to string out the back, and hide the antenna up to five feet away in the closet behind clothes or whatever. This will ensure you've got the best and most reliable signal, in a stealth setup. 
  • Monitor outside the safe for advanced notice in the general vicinity, which is a step ahead and arguably just as good -- or better use.