Getting onto T-Mobile

  1. Try over the air update first. This will hopefully force your device to find an available 3G network, like T-Mobile. This doesn’t always work.  
  1. If that doesn’t work, try to manually connect your Simtek simcard to the T-mobile network, using an unlocked phone. 
    1. Use this guide to remove the simcard. Remember the simcard orientation for step 2.e.
    2. Then, place your Simtek simcard into anunlocked iphone/android device. 
    3. Next, navigate to the cellular Setting and find Network Selection, and choose T-Mobile. 
      1. The actual setting may be different depending on your phone
      2. You may need to activate Roaming mode, and/or toggle airplane mode.
      3. Your goal with this step is to use the unlocked phone and be able to hook onto T-Mobile as the carrier network.
    4. As a last resort, you can bring the simcard to a T-Mobile store to see if they can put it in a phone and connect it to the T-Mobile network on a roaming device. 
    5. After you have found the T-Mobile network or put the Simcard into an unlocked phone, transfer it back to the Simtek sensor and be extremely careful to place it in correctly in the same orientation from the guide 

**NOTE: Do not use data or download apps or make phone calls on this Simtek simcard, which could result in Simtek sending you a bill for those charges. The Simcard is meant to ONLY operate with the Simtek device and we are only recommending this because we want your device to become operational again. Make sure you are just getting it to connect to the T-Mobile network and not making any phone calls, downloading apps, watching movies or using data/sms/voice. If in doubt, send us an email and we can help answer any questions.