Gun Safes Aren't Perfect. Protect Your 2A Rights And Your Property

There’s an abundance of articles in the press surrounding the issue of gun safety and security. Depending on the laws in your state or country you may be obligated to lock your firearms away. In most places however, this is not required by law.

Currently in the US twenty- seven states have child access prevention laws. These laws range from criminal prosecution- if a minor accesses your firearms- to simply just prohibiting gun owners from directly supplying a minor with a gun.

This can be very confusing for a gun owner. On top of that that there’s the added concern about the reliability of your chosen method of gun storage.



We are by no means condoning the idea of not storing your firearms in a properly secured safe. On the contrary, we recommend purchasing a reputable gun safe and using the Simtek Sensor as an additional level of security. This article is designed to give you a realistic idea of how best to store your firearm.


The chances of a safe failing (while limited for a good manufacturer) can still happen. In addition there are ‘human errors’ that can be made when using your safe for example: forgetting the code, not resetting the manufacturers default code and forgetting to replace the battery in an electronic lock.


Sometimes there can be issues with the safe itself. E.G electronic lock not working properly, low quality steel which can be broken into easily and lock delay mechanisms which keep the safe open for several seconds after closing.

Then there’s the many myths surrounding the use of gun safes, for example: “My safe is so heavy no one will be able to steal it,” “any gun safe is better than no gun safe,” “heavier safes are stronger,” and “having a gun safe means I can leave my weapons loaded.”

When you take all this into account you can start to see the importance of buying the correct gun safe and learning how to use it properly. Let’s take a look at some of the myths surrounding gun safes in more detail.


My Safe Is Too Heavy To Steal

If your safe was brought into the house by two or three people then it can be carried out of the house by two or three people. Just like the example here. Where a group of thieves pick up an entire gun safe and load in into the back of van.

Bolting a safe to the floor will make it harder to steal. It also makes it harder for a thief to pry the door open as they will not be able to get as much leverage. Safes are frequently pushed over to make it easier to pry the door open by jumping on whatever prying device has been chosen. Alternately, the whole safe is stolen and opened later. One good thing about the Simtek Sensor is that it offers GPS tracking. Therefore you can track the thieves and hopefully catch them before they even know Simtek is in there.  



Having Any Type of Safe Is Better Than None

You would think so wouldn’t you? However one quick online search indicates that this is not true. There’s an abundance of articles and YouTube videos showing how to crack open a safe- sometimes in as little a two minutes. Pretty scary!

Having a safe also makes it easier for thieves to locate a good chunk of your valuables in one sweep. If a safe is easy to break into, then they have just stolen all your guns, jewelry, watches, money or whatever else you may keep in the safe all at once. It’s best to look at a safes reviews and fire safety ratings before buying.



Heavier Safes Are Stronger

A heavier safe does not necessarily make it a stronger one. No matter how sturdy it may seem things like gaps between the door and it’s frame, a poor locking system and a poor fire and water resistance rating automatically make it less likely to keep your firearms safe, despite its heavy duty appearance.

Using A Gun Safe Means I Can Store Weapons Loaded

Storing your firearms loaded allows you to access them quickly in a emergency but it also creates a major hazard. You wouldn’t want to end up in an accident next time you’re looking through your collection. It's also worth considering that if something were to happen to you then you will not be the next person to open that safe. Always practice safe storage and handling.


In conclusion, when buying a gun safe be sure to always check the ratings and reviews. Ensure it is bolted to the floor and never store your weapons loaded. As an additional level of security you can add the Simtek Sensor to your safe which will give you a text alert if it is opened and also offers location tracking.

Whatever you do ensure you stay safe and practice correct firearm safety at all times.


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