Just Released: Mute & Data Plan Management Features Now Available for your Simtek Sensor!

We’re excited to introduce two new features to your Simtek app. 

1. MUTE Alerts With Just A Tap
Have you ever wanted to access the space and not blow up your phone with alerts? Are you going in and out of the space or safe frequently, and want to snooze those alerts temporarily? Now you can, with two easy methods.


Long-press on a push notification alert (left screenshot) and select the time you want to mute. Or, tap on the bell 🔔 icon directly in the Simtek app (right screenshot) and select the time to mute.

Note: Mute automatically expires after the time elapses and will revert to sending alerts after the time is up. You can only mute alerts for your phone and sensor, no one else's. This is to prevent someone from your alerts if they are also subscribed to your sensor(s). 

2. Update Credit Card Info For Your Subscription Data Plan And See Sensor Status
It’s now easier than ever to update your credit card information for the subscription data plan. No longer do you have to use the Simtek website, or call us directly. This is how it's done. Go to My Account, and then tap on your sensor to manage the data plan, including updating your cc info and billing info. 

Open up the Simtek app on your phone and tap on Settings > My Account.

We hope you find these features useful. Keep the suggestions coming! Your feedback is valuable and the MUTE feature was requested by one of our Simtek customers! Let us know if you have any questions or issues.