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  1. Not receiving alerts
  2. Receiving alerts but not consistently
  3. Alerts taking longer than 30s-60s to receive
  4. Can’t download the app
  5. Can’t subscribe to your sensor
  6. App was working, now it's not
  7. Location Inaccurate
  8. Battery not inserting well
  9. Can't see all my sensors in the app
  10. Where is Temperature & Humidity & Location?

Not receiving alerts? Try this checklist. 

    1. Review the SETUP instructions carefully.
    2. Fully charge battery, it takes a few hours. Orange light indicates charging. Unplug micro-USB after complete. 
    3. Plug in wired antenna. Ensure antenna is screwed to magnetic base. Occasionally, antenna gets unscrewed from the circular magnetic base. 
    4. Try moving the device to a new location with known better cellular signal to see if you get alerts. Note: first alert can take up to 10 minutes receive. After the first successful alert, each consecutive alert should be 20-30s.
    5. Remember: Your sensor is ready to trigger after 5 seconds without seeing motion, light or vibration. It will not trigger if it continues to detect any light, motion or vibration. When if doubt, place in a drawer for 5-10 seconds and open the drawer. The blue light indicates motion detected, and the green/red LEDs indicate attempting alert transmission.
    6. Still not receiving alerts? Remove the battery and re-inserting the battery to reset the sensor and try again.
    7. If you see “No data…”, on the app, trigger an alert first!
    8. Are you subscribed to the QR code/macid in the app? Is your phone in "Do Not Disturb" or "Airplane" mode? Do you have notifications turned on and are able to receive SMS texts? Make sure your phone is turned on, you have cellular service or wifi, and are setup in the Simtek app. Click EDIT in the Simtek App on your device, and make sure the device address matches the numbers under your QR code. Additionally, ensure you see your phone number in the “subscriber” section of the EDIT screen in the Simtek app and have push notifications turned on.
    9. Do you have cellular service on your phone? Generally if you have zero cellular signal at all in your area, it's possible your device is unable to find any network. 
    10. Did you arm and trigger it properly? Verify by triggering the sensor and looking at the side LEDs. If you see green+red blinking lights, that means it’s trying to connect to a network and send you your alert. This is a good sign. If you never receive any alert after seeing the green and red LEDs, it's possible you don't have any service or signal on your phone, you're not subscribed to the sensor on the app, or the sensor tried to find a network but ultimately never did. 
    11. Don’t see your problem here? Check out FAQ or SETUP. Feel free to email if you've gone through this checklist and haven't many any progress. We will ALWAYS ask for a photo of your QR code (or the last four digits of the long alphanumeric number under the QR code, whichever is easier to send) so our team can review in the backend. In 99% of cases we are able to successfully resolve issues. 

Not receiving alerts consistently every time?

  1. First, perform Not receiving any alerts?’ section.
  2. Take your sensor out of the area it’s in, and try to get alerts in an area with known good service (example, from the safe to a desk drawer)
  3. Attach the external antenna and try to arm/trigger your device.
  4. Is it low on battery? It won’t send alerts if battery voltage is under 3.4volts. 
  5. Is the antenna screwed in tight to its' magnetic base? Sometimes that becomes loose.
  6. Did you recently move it to a different location or change its orientation? Signal depends on coverage + antenna position and size. Poor coverage but good antenna position and a large antenna size (external) is fine. Poor for all three can make the alerts take longer, or potentially not come at all. This is and should be rare, but make sure you have the external antenna plugged in, and as close to an opening on your safe as you can. Place it alongside the edge where there’s a gap for best results. You may have to string the antenna outside the safe.
  7. Did you unsubscribe from alerts or notifications on your Simtek app?
  8. Did you delete the Simtek app? Did you block the Simtek phone number on your phone?
  9. Do you have silent mode turned on your phone? Do you still have the same phone?
  10. Do you have wifi or cellular signal on your phone? In order to receive alerts, your phone also needs either wifi and/or cellular service and it can't be on airplane mode.

Don’t see your problem here? Head on over to FAQ or SETUP.

If you can’t resolve on your own, contact and describe your problems. Include a photo of your QR code in the email and your problem.

Alerts taking longer than 30s-60s to receive?

  1. Remove and re-insert your battery.
  2. Insert the external antenna and ensure it's properly mounted
  3. Move the antenna so it’s positioned near a gap, opening, crease, hole, door, etc. Closer to the opening, the better.
  4. Check your battery level.
  5. Check your signal level in the app.
  6. Try moving your sensor to a new location, and triggering it.
  7. If none of these options work, you can use a different, separate simcard that has data and sms as long as it’s GSM based and take ours out. ***Note, this is highly not recommended as we don’t have any control over the performance or compatibility. It will not ruin your device.
  8. Additionally, we are working on firmware that will allow the device to recognize this slow performance and switch carriers. Currently, we have firmware that will switch carriers in new areas/countries, and will find a new carrier if it can’t register at all. But increasing performance is the next one we’re working on, so reach out and hang tight.
  9. Don’t see your problem here? Check out FAQ or SETUP.

Can’t download the app?

  1. Make sure you have either an Android or iOS device. See the playstore and app store listing for compatibility with your device (Note: no ipads/tablets/tvs at this time).
  2. Check out SETUP.

Can’t subscribe to your sensor?

  1. Download the app, then scan the QR code or manually type in the device number (number under the QR code).
  2. Continue through the flow until you see a success box and you are into the activity screen which should show either “No data…” or your recent activity. If you see the “No data…” language, you will need to arm and trigger your device to get alerts. They will show up here.
  3. Check out SETUP.

Simtek App was showing alerts, now it’s not?

  1. Note: 99% of problems are NOT with the Simtek mobile app! It is almost always a problem with the sensor itself if you are not receiving alerts. 
  2. Most app issues are temporary server timeouts. If you see the “No data..trigger your device” message, it’s probably temporary and should resolve on it’s own in 15-30 minutes or less. If you just purchased your sensor and see "No data..trigger your device" you need to get the first alert since it's brand new. 
  3. Pull down to refresh the activity page, or quit the app and restart it.
  4. Always download the Simtek app updates. Check this, by going to the app store. If the Google or Apple store says "open" you're already on the latest Simtek mobile app version. If it says "update",. please update the app. 

Location Data Inaccurate?

This is a known problem that some sensors experience. The sensor uses cellular locational triangulation, which means that the accuracy is dependent on how many cellular towers are in the area. The more cellular towers your device can hit, the more accurate the location will be. We've seen the location data be very accurate and wildly inaccurate. Unfortunately, this isn't something within our control and we do not recommend you use the sensor as a pinpoint exact accurate source of location data. We're trying to work with the telecommunication networks to increase the accuracy in the future but at this time there isn't anything we can do to improve it on our end. We give this data as a free service to you, and cannot promise or guarantee location accuracy as it's dependent on your specific area.

Battery not inserting well?

This is a known problem that again only affects a small number of people. The happy accident in this is that your device will be less likely to experience sabotage because the intruder will have to spend more time trying to get the battery out. We did not intend for this battery door issue, but once we found the issue we decided that it was actually a tamper-resistant feature which arose out of this bug.


Can't see all my devices in the app

Swipe left or right! After you've added your devices, you simply swipe left or right in the app to cycle through them. 

Where is Temperature, Humidity & Location?

Tap on the main alert card, or any alert in the app which will bring up the detail page with temperature, humidity and location. Once you tap on the alerts, you will find the detail page.

Still need help?

Head on over to FAQ or SETUP, as there is likely a simple explanation and solution without waiting on a reply.

Typically, the most important advice is to fully charge the battery and try your sensor in a drawer or new location to verify if things are working OK.

Email for support and Please include the following: 

  1. Description of problem
  2. Photo of the QR code
  3. What you tried already